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I am going to be providing reviews of freelance websites and businesses of all kinds. I will give you pros and cons, tell you about the business, and just give you all the information I can so you can get a good idea if you would want to join them.

Just go to the drop down menu under reviews and search for the business you want to know about.

I also ask that if you have any information that can help people,please leave a comment at the end of the review.

If you have any business you would like reviewed, please leave a comment here.

Feel free to review Lancer Life too. I look forward to critiques, so let me have them.

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Freelance Writing Sites

Since I am a freelance writer, most of these reviews will be for freelance writing sites. I am relying on you photographers, accountants, graphic artists and others to make requests for reviews of the sites you frequent.

You can leave a comment here, or you can contact me here.

Thank you for visiting Lancer Life. Make sure and share this site with your friends and family.

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