Ctitch.com Review

Reviewing Ctitch.com

organizationI was recently introduced to a new startup app that I believe is going to help me be a better organized freelancer.

But, naturally I am skeptical of new stuff, so I decided I would try it out before telling all of you about it.

In the following paragraphs, I am going to tell you more about Ctitch and the advantages and any disadvantages of this new application.

It is free! As hard as I try, I just cannot find any cons to this app.
All your bookmarks and folders in one place.
Task organizer with calendar.

About Ctitch.com

A few days ago, I had to run a system restore on my computer. As a freelancer, I have to research items from many angles and in doing so, I run the risk of grabbing viruses or malware. When my restore was finished, all of my files were in place, but all of my bookmarks were erased.

My teeth clenched as I pulled my hair out by the roots.

It seems Forrest over at Ctitch was reading my mind. He had sent me a link to his application that I have now signed up for. It seems I can store my bookmarks here, and they will not disappear even if my computer does.

But, that is not all that Ctitch does.

It is my freelance friend!

Cstitch Features

As a freelancer, I find one of my biggest downfalls is being organized. My computer is often like a cluttered desk and I am digging through piles to find something I need. 1 or 2 hours later, I find it (behind my ear). Yes, I needed my lucky pen.

The developers of Ctitch realized that people like myself…Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Students and Business Managers all need a better organizational tool.

Time is money!

Time management is a huge priority in my freelance business and it should be in your business too! When I am organized, I meet deadlines and provide high quality material. When I am unorganized, my quality and quantity often slips.

Here are some of the great features with Cstitch:

  • Folders and Subfolders. Yes, you can do the same in your computer, but with Ctitch, you have a calendar. When you click the date, all your folders and subfolders for that date come into view. You do not have to worry about a computer glitch, because all of it is on the Ctitch server. If you are on a different computer, you can still pull up your folders and subfolders. This is great for client meetings or if you are at a library doing research.
  • Tags and Sticky Notes. Another huge plus is the ability to tag your folders and subfolders. When you have multiple jobs going at one time with many of them within similar niche subjects, adding tags and sticky notes will allow you to determine what goes where.
  • Auto Save. When you have to add to your notes, Ctitch has an auto save function.
  • Note Formatting. It can make life easier when your notes have headings, bullets, numbered lists or even images. Ctitch offers that functionality.
  • Drag and Drop. The drag and drop function allows you to move notes and tags with a simple process.
  • Bookmarking. Researching is a huge part of my job. I often get confused with my Firefox or Chrome Bookmarks and lose track of the order. With Ctitch, I can put them in an orderly fashion, plus they come with elegant images to jog my memory. Not only that, I can leave a comment with my bookmarks that helps me know what, where, why and how.
  • Share. I often have clients that want to know what research resources I am using. This can be difficult and time consuming, but with Ctitch, it is simple and fast. Just choose and share.
  • Photos. In some cases as a freelance writer, I have to put photos in with my works. Keeping these photos in a wise system can be difficult. But, Ctitch has that covered for me too. I can easily upload the photos, make them public or private, share with others and add comments to keep track.

This is just a small portion of the features. With Ctitch being a somewhat new application, I know there will be more coming.

Did I Tell You How Much I Love IT?

In the short time I have used Ctitch, I have noticed a huge improvement in my Freelance business. You can too!

So you are asking, “How Much?”

That was my first question. Well believe me, I fell out of my chair when I heard the astronomical figure of:


In time, their will be upgrades that may cost a little, but the Ctitch Application is FREE. So don’t hesitate.

Just click and on the Ctitch website click the create account button
                           Just click and on the Ctitch website click the create account button

I give Ctitch 10 out of 10 stars.

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