The 2012 Freelance Report

Freelance Report The 2012 Freelance Industry Report has some great information. Yes, I know it is 3 years old, but if you have not read through this report, you really should. I am putting a link here so you can download it. Freelance+Industry+Report+2012+updated This report can provide you loads of information on the way freelancing is becoming a normal standard around the world. It is from this report that I … Read more

Branding And Marketing Your Freelance Business

Marketing and branding

Freelancing is a business. The way that any business builds success is through branding and marketing. No matter what your freelancing specialty is, you must create a “brand.” When people hear your business name or your tagline, they will automatically know what you specialize in. It also could be evident in your logo. Here are some great examples of branded freelancers: Copywriter     Web Development   Photographer     … Read more

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