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writing for money

Writing for cash Not long ago I posted about a website that has been scamming writers. Ghostbloggers.net has been stealing articles and selling them. I have had a number of comments on that post, and yesterday, a man asked about other writing platforms. He claimed to use Constant Content, and I do not use them, so I can not say good or bad about them, but I did promise to … Read more

Multiple Income Streams

“Profitable – By Design!” Ebook Create Income Streams Many years ago, my Grandfather stressed to me that I should never “put all my eggs in one basket.” As a farmer in Eastern Iowa, he had learned that having multiple streams of income were the only way to have success in life. He grew corn, baled hay and straw, raised chickens to sell eggs and for the meat, raised cows, along … Read more

Breaking The Monotony

Don’t Let Monotony Frustrate You Every job has it. Your freelance business is apt to have it too. Monotony can drive us nuts if we allow it to do so. As a freelance writer, I often find myself with a number of job assignments that are all similar and monotony can set in quickly. So do I stop writing? Not usually. I will finish the work I am on, and … Read more

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