I Love Having Many Tasks

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Staying Busy Some time back I wrote a post explaining how multi tasking is non-productive. I still agree with that, but do to the fact that many misunderstand, I need to delve much deeper. Right now, I have several tasks going on. No, I am not multi tasking. I am working on each one separate. I am installing comments on a blog about multi level marketing. I am writing a … Read more

How Your Business Benefits By Using Freelance Writers

design a professional clickable image ad for you to post on craigslist backpage Helping Your Business Thrive When a person really takes a close look at the operations of any business, the realization that words are a large part of the everyday activities comes to light. It can be as simple as paperwork for taxes or blog posts and website content. The words may get more technical in nature when … Read more

Challenge Yourself

Freelancer Challenge No matter how much freelancing experience you have, or how much work you have going. No matter how much money you are making…there is always room for more. Am I wrong? I am proposing a freelancer challenge. I propose that you look at the current amount of work you currently are committed to completing for a 2 week period. I would say that I write on an average … Read more

This Freelancer’s Typical Day of Work

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Freelancers Work Hard There was a day when I worked in a factory and I found time to fish and relax. I must say that as a home-based freelancer, I really have not found the time to fish, and relaxation seems non-existent in most cases. But, I love freelancing. This post is about this freelancer’s typical day of work.   The alarm It didn’t matter what time I finished writing … Read more

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