Sell Yourself

You are what is being sold Ok, let’s get one thing straight right now! You are not just an average Joe or Jane. You are not just a normal freelancer; in fact, there is nothing normal about you. You can move mountains! You can swim the English Channel in 15 minutes! You can do anything at anytime! YOU ARE SUPER FREELANCER! That is the first key when you sell. You … Read more

Primary Topics For Freelance Writers

Certificate in Starting Your Own Business Topics That Many Hire Freelancers For I have been freelance writing for some time now. I have found that the people who are outsourcing to freelancers are searching for certain subject matter in many cases. If you are a new freelancer, or even if you have been freelance writing for some time, these are subjects you may want to research as they are top … Read more

SEO Is Like Vitamins And Minerals


One a Day? As a freelance writer, I have recognized a huge influx of requests that are geared towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The algorithms of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others has changed drastically, and website owners feel they need to have the “perfect” content that will make the robots happy, and will drive their websites, blogs and businesses to the top of search results. I … Read more

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