No Call, No Show and I Still Have a Job

Caribbean ocean in Puerto Rico

I took 2 days off with no call, and still have a job No I didn’t use vacation days and I had no sick days. I was a no call, and I just took 2 days off in a row. Is my boss angry? Nope, he is actually happy that I did. Ahhh…the life of a freelancer! Memories I remember back when I worked in factories. I dreaded even considering … Read more

I Love Having Many Tasks

multiple tasks

Staying Busy Some time back I wrote a post explaining how multi tasking is non-productive. I still agree with that, but do to the fact that many misunderstand, I need to delve much deeper. Right now, I have several tasks going on. No, I am not multi tasking. I am working on each one separate. I am installing comments on a blog about multi level marketing. I am writing a … Read more

I Joined A Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union In most aspects, I have always been “wary” of the union. I have watched as family and friends have stood on picket lines because their union told them to and soon found themselves unable to feed their families. When I was young, I had a brick thrown through my windshield because I came across a picket line at a meat-packing plant. I have seen the outrageous “dues” some … Read more

Multiple Income Streams

“Profitable – By Design!” Ebook Create Income Streams Many years ago, my Grandfather stressed to me that I should never “put all my eggs in one basket.” As a farmer in Eastern Iowa, he had learned that having multiple streams of income were the only way to have success in life. He grew corn, baled hay and straw, raised chickens to sell eggs and for the meat, raised cows, along … Read more

Read Our Book Kayro’s Key For Free

Kayro’s Key For a very short time, we are allowing people the opportunity to read Kayro’s Key for free. I will provide the link to get this fantastic deal down the page further. This is the synopsis of Kayro’s Key: The year is 2080 and island of Puerto Rico and the whole world have reached a point of near extinction for all living things. Kayro is the last surviving golden … Read more

Write A Book

Snoopy writes a book

Writing and publishing a book can build your freelance reputation. Nothing can decorate your portfolio more than a published book. No matter what type of freelancing niche you work in, having a book shows that you are serious. Maybe you have a book written, but you just do not know how to publish it. I will go into that further on. These are a few of the books I have … Read more

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