Staying Calm and Cool From Freelance Stress

stress free

Stress Kills Every single person has their own forms of stress. It is what a person does with that stress that determines outcomes. The freelance world has some unique forms of stress, and in today’s post, we will look at some of them, and how I keep cool, calm and collected. Freelancing is a business, and like any business, there are certain issues that will arise on any given day: … Read more

8 Tips Of Wisdom For Freelancers

8 Tips For You With over 7 years of freelance writing experience, and much more just dealing with sales, customers and people in general, I felt that I should offer 8 tips of wisdom for freelancers in today’s post. Copy these tips and put them on your bathroom mirror. Follow them and watch you freelance business succeed. Have you read my free eBook yet? If you didn’t sign up and … Read more

I AM a Freelancer!


Freelancer does not equal freeloader I have noticed a common denominator when freelancers are asked what they do for a living. Many skirt the question as if there is a bad stigma related with freelancing. Personally, I am proud I am a freelancer. Not just anyone can be a freelancer, and it is harder work than people can imagine. Here it is Sunday, and while others are out playing, I … Read more

You Need A Professional Resume & Portfolio

Do You Have A Resume? Do You Have A Portfolio? No matter your position in life, you absolutely need a resume & portfolio which can build your reputation. Whether you are looking for normal employment or you are a freelancer searching for clients, having a professional resume & portfolio will attract the jobs or clients you are searching for. I Have A Special Deal For You! I Will Create A … Read more

Great Freelancers Go The Extra Mile

Simply Sharing As a freelance writer, I have discovered that just going that “extra mile” can help me keep a client coming back for more. You don’t have to be a writer to go the extra mile, any freelancer can do this. So what do I do? I may be contracted to write a blog post, or web content. The person buys the written work and they really don’t expect … Read more

Multi-Tasking Is Ineffective For Freelancers

Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work As freelancers, we often find ourselves with a variety of jobs. It can be tempting to perform multi-tasking. I have been guilty of this. I have multiple tabs open and I am working on different jobs at the same time. Does it work? No. I realized this very quickly when a client asked me why on the content I was writing about insurance is there a paragraph … Read more

Sending Large Files To Clients

When Large Files Can’t Be Sent By Email I have been there…A client ordered a job and the deadline has quickly come. You have worked night and day to provide a quality freelancing work and it is time to send the clients the files. You open your email and try to add the file as an attachment, but you get that message you hadn’t considered: File To Large. Large files … Read more

Wise Freelance Business Practices

Having a successful freelance business can be realized if a person follows some simple guidelines. There are many freelance “pretenders” in the world. To have that success you desire, it is wise to follow these freelance business practices: Having faith in your talents and abilities Just knowing that you have the ability and the talent to complete the jobs you bid on is the first step in success. If you … Read more

Freelancing Pros & Cons

advantages and disadvantages

Good and Bad Like any job or business, freelancing has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, good and bad; whatever you may want to call it. If you are considering a freelance business, it would be wise to consider all the pros and cons. Is it worth it? Will you be able to hold up when times are difficult? This article will give some of the pros and cons. … Read more

Ask Questions


When I hear anyone say: “That was a stupid question,” I want to scream. After all, questions are meant to be asked. I was taught as a young man that the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked. This post is for both freelancers and potential clients. Ask Questions! Client: You can find out much more about the potential freelancer if you ask questions. Yes, they may have … Read more

10 Reasons Freelancers Fail

Meter fails

Like any business, freelance has its share of fails. We see businesses boarded up all the time, and freelancing is no different than any other business. There are certain fundamentals a freelance business can follow to be successful. Like death, no one likes to talk about failure, but we must. By understanding how failure comes about, we as freelancers and business people can take steps to lessen the odds of … Read more

Your Portfolio Is Your Primary Advertising Tool

Your portfolio is you

Your Portfolio Is You! When it comes to developing your portfolio, you just do not want to cut corners. As a matter of fact, as I have been looking at mine, I am going to go back and re-do it. When businesses and individuals look through our portfolios, they are seeing just what makes us “tick.” If, as a writer, you install articles that you wrote that have any slight … Read more

How Much Should A Freelancer Charge Clients?

Making Bids How much a freelancer charges a client depends on many different factors. These may include: Type of job Experience of the freelancer Estimated time involved Added costs Etc… In other articles, I have, and will share locations where a freelancer can find jobs to bid on, and clients a freelancer can contact. It does always help to have knowledge as to what the client’s budget is. With that … Read more

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