Writers Work Review – An All In One Source For Freelancers

writers work

As a seasoned freelancer, I have tried and tested various systems and content factories. Some have been good, but a lot have been absolutely terrible. And recently I came upon Writers Work. Described to me as a website where freelancers have everything they need to “up their game.” Hmmm, skeptical person that I am, I decided to test this new website out. And I have even interviewed the developer, Mark … Read more

14 Things Every Freelance Business Owner Should Know

freelance business owner

Freelancing has become the norm in recent years instead of the exception. The economy has enlivened this format of work for many people. If you are considering going freelance, there are many things you need to know. First and foremost, you are a freelance business owner. You are not an employee! You must treat your new career choice as such. Today using a wide variety of sources, I am putting … Read more

Will IBM Watson Harm Freelance Businesses?

Watson wins

IBM Watson and your business IBM Watson is a “super computer.” Watson is like a human brain on steroids. It can train itself. Watson is starting to be utilized in many applications. You may call a help center and have a human help you fix a technical problem with your computer. You wonder how this human is able to fix the issue so quickly. You have called other help centers … Read more

Time to Move to Upwork

elance and upwork

Time To Move Some time back Elance and Odesk both merged. Odesk became Upwork and Elance maintained its same system. Personally, I have used Elance much more than Odesk, but I have just been given some news. If you haven’t received the email, Elance will be completely shutting down in 2016. Every freelancer on Elance can migrate their profiles over to Upwork. I have already done so, but I also … Read more

How To Help Your Client More

Tired of being broke?  Do something about it.  Start your own business. Click here to learn more. Help Yourself By Helping Your Client As freelancers, we need to always keep in mind that our clients are our main priority. The best businesses have realized that repeat business is more lucrative than finding new customers. It is that way with freelancing too. Yes, we should always look for new clients, but … Read more

A Blog Can Boost Your Freelance Business

Why A Blog? I have had several people ask me why I blog. They see just how busy I am and wonder why I take time away from money producing activities to come here to Lancer Life and write an article that I seemingly do not get paid to write. Yes, I am busy! At this point in time, I have several articles that need to be completed, along with … Read more

Do You Really Need New Clients?


Is finding new freelance clients the answer? Freelancing is a business. We need to run it as a business. When you take a look at how many businesses operate, they are always interested in getting new customers, but the wise business owners are always checking on their previous customers. If you were to look at statistics of the most successful businesses, a huge amount of their business will be with … Read more

Breaking The Monotony

Don’t Let Monotony Frustrate You Every job has it. Your freelance business is apt to have it too. Monotony can drive us nuts if we allow it to do so. As a freelance writer, I often find myself with a number of job assignments that are all similar and monotony can set in quickly. So do I stop writing? Not usually. I will finish the work I am on, and … Read more

Important Tips For All Freelancers

important tips

Important Tips You Need To Know No matter what type of freelancing you do….writer, graphic design, photographer, etc…there are some important items you need to remember. These important tips will help you succeed and make more money. I suggest you either write these down or print them off and use them. Remember that freelancing is a business, and you need to treat it like a business. If you just run … Read more

Smart Freelance Business Practices

smart business

Successful Business Practices No matter what kind of freelance business you operate, there are certain business practices that can help you gain, and hold success. Today’s post will look at some very simple business practices you should always use as a freelance business owner. Solid Contact Information If clients cannot get a hold of you, how are you going to get business? Now some feel they need to put their … Read more

The Benefits Of Networking For Freelancers

freelance networking

Networking Is Wise There are many forms of networking. A person can attend trade shows, flea markets, and other events. You can also join online forums, social sites and other areas where you can meet like-minded people. The benefits of networking are numerous for freelancers, and they are also large for those who outsource to freelancers. In this article, we are going to look at some of the primary benefits … Read more

Wise Freelance Business Practices

Having a successful freelance business can be realized if a person follows some simple guidelines. There are many freelance “pretenders” in the world. To have that success you desire, it is wise to follow these freelance business practices: Having faith in your talents and abilities Just knowing that you have the ability and the talent to complete the jobs you bid on is the first step in success. If you … Read more

Freelancers Hire Freelancers

help wanted

It is true! The title of this article may seem like an oxymoron, but it is a true statement. The majority of the freelancing jobs I have received have been from other freelancers. Consider some of these reviews, and then I will explain about the client. Leave 60 Comments on My Military Blog “Fun and easy to work with. ”— chuckholmes Chuck is a freelancer who was a commander in … Read more

Branding And Marketing Your Freelance Business

Marketing and branding

Freelancing is a business. The way that any business builds success is through branding and marketing. No matter what your freelancing specialty is, you must create a “brand.” When people hear your business name or your tagline, they will automatically know what you specialize in. It also could be evident in your logo. Here are some great examples of branded freelancers: Copywriter     Web Development   Photographer     … Read more

Freelancing Pros & Cons

advantages and disadvantages

Good and Bad Like any job or business, freelancing has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, good and bad; whatever you may want to call it. If you are considering a freelance business, it would be wise to consider all the pros and cons. Is it worth it? Will you be able to hold up when times are difficult? This article will give some of the pros and cons. … Read more

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