Will IBM Watson Harm Freelance Businesses?

Watson wins

IBM Watson and your business IBM Watson is a “super computer.” Watson is like a human brain on steroids. It can train itself. Watson is starting to be utilized in many applications. You may call a help center and have a human help you fix a technical problem with your computer. You wonder how this human is able to fix the issue so quickly. You have called other help centers … Read more

Key Websites Displaying Freelance Jobs


Find Freelance Jobs Over the years that I have been freelancing, I have found good websites and bad websites for finding and bidding on freelancing opportunities. As a writer, I primarily use the websites that cater to writers, but some of them do have listings for other freelancer talents. Below, I am going to share the websites that have worked well for me, and i have also performed some research … Read more

oDesk Is Now Upwork

For both freelancers and outsourcers, you just may want to know that not long ago, Elance and oDesk merged. Elance has stayed the same. It is a site where I have contracted many jobs, but I was just contacted about adding my information in a brand new site that really isn’t all that brand new. What was oDesk is now called UpWork. The system seems to have changed slightly into … Read more

Find A Freelancer

Outsourcers searching for freelancers The task of finding the proper freelancer for the job you have at hand can sometimes be daunting. Where do you look? How much do you offer? Will they do the job correctly? All of these questions, and many others can be answered if you search in the proper places. Just because a person claims they freelance in the niche you are seeking someone in doesn’t … Read more

Freelance Design Jobs

For Design Freelancers When it comes to design, there are a ton of opportunities for freelance artists. I have done some research in finding some freelance design jobs that need bidders. Maybe one of these would be right for you: At Upwork.com Logo Design Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $ 30 Posted 2 hours ago Hello, Looking for Logo Design. Need it as fast as possible. Please check attached file. Financial … Read more

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