Reasons You May Want To Keep Your Job And Not Freelance

esProc Server Should you keep your job? Let’s face it, freelancing isn’t for everyone or everybody would be freelancing. You may think you have what it takes, and I suggest that you sign up for the free e-book I offer if you do think you have the abilities to become a freelancer. I try to always keep things on a positive level, but I did feel I should point out … Read more

Freelance Jobs For Photographers, Design & Multimedia Experts

Photographers and Photoshop Expert Jobs There are a wide variety of freelance jobs available for photographers and multimedia experts. It could be in: Photography Graphic Design Videos Banners or Logos Much more As I have stated, I am putting several links where you can bid on these types of freelance opportunities. Below that will be an automatically generated Elance positions up for bid. See if any of these are for … Read more

Making Money: Freelance Photography

Making Money I am going to do a series of posts for various freelance types. These are locations to either sell your services, your talents, or your finished products. This post will be for you freelance photographers. You can click each title and go directly to their website. Shutterstock Pays per download of the photos you post to their website. 123RF You get up to 60% of your photograph’s selling … Read more

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