Who Are You Listening To?


This world is full of opinionated people. I have discovered that while some of those opinions should be considered, a large percentage of those opinions should be thrown into the trash and not into our thinking. As a new freelancer, you will… Probably have people tell you: There is no money in freelancing There is no future in freelancing You can’t You won’t You shouldn’t etc, etc and etc… Should … Read more

The R.O.A.R. Freelancer

What is R.O.A.R.? I have discovered there are many so called freelancers that are giving the freelance business a bad name. Some work for peanuts which gives clients the impression that we are all cheap labor. Some do not meet deadlines which can really piss off clients. Some perform terrible work that makes clients nervous about contracting any other freelancers. I could find other negatives, but this post was not … Read more

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