I AM a Freelancer!


Freelancer does not equal freeloader I have noticed a common denominator when freelancers are asked what they do for a living. Many skirt the question as if there is a bad stigma related with freelancing. Personally, I am proud I am a freelancer. Not just anyone can be a freelancer, and it is harder work than people can imagine. Here it is Sunday, and while others are out playing, I … Read more

Freelance Design Jobs

For Design Freelancers When it comes to design, there are a ton of opportunities for freelance artists. I have done some research in finding some freelance design jobs that need bidders. Maybe one of these would be right for you: At Upwork.com Logo Design Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $ 30 Posted 2 hours ago Hello, Looking for Logo Design. Need it as fast as possible. Please check attached file. Financial … Read more

The R.O.A.R. Freelancer

What is R.O.A.R.? I have discovered there are many so called freelancers that are giving the freelance business a bad name. Some work for peanuts which gives clients the impression that we are all cheap labor. Some do not meet deadlines which can really piss off clients. Some perform terrible work that makes clients nervous about contracting any other freelancers. I could find other negatives, but this post was not … Read more

When Should You Go Full Time As A Freelancer?

Is it time to quit and go full time as a freelancer? I am stepping into a loaded question here. Without knowing a person’s circumstances, I just cannot tell if it would be the correct move for anyone. I will provide you with my experience, and I will tell you my opinions. Does a person dare go full time as a freelancer? My Story Without delving into my whole life, … Read more

Outsourcing…Agency Or A Freelancer?

Virtual Private Servers from $10 month Who Should You Use, Agency Or A Freelancer? Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you have probably discovered that it can be more cost effective to outsource many of the jobs that are needed to have operations run smoothly. Now the question is: do you use an agency or a freelancer? Yes, I may be just a bit bias since … Read more

Are You A Freelancer?

Puerto Rico sunset

Do you want to freelance? I ask the question are you a freelancer because many people just do not realize it, but they are freelancers. There is a common misconception that freelancers are people like myself who sit around typing words for other people all day. The fact is: freelancers are anyone who contracts their talents to someone else. Everyone of us have talents. If you agreed to go landscape … Read more

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