How Manual Labor Can Help You

manual labor

Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you freelance? I do. Sometimes it seems that my mind goes blank, and I just cannot write properly. Sometimes it seems clients want $500 worth of work for $20. What do you do when your freelance business seems to be running like this? Manual Labor Can Help You Just this morning, I found myself somewhat frustrated with my freelance business. … Read more

Reasons You May Want To Keep Your Job And Not Freelance

esProc Server Should you keep your job? Let’s face it, freelancing isn’t for everyone or everybody would be freelancing. You may think you have what it takes, and I suggest that you sign up for the free e-book I offer if you do think you have the abilities to become a freelancer. I try to always keep things on a positive level, but I did feel I should point out … Read more

Great Freelancers Go The Extra Mile

Simply Sharing As a freelance writer, I have discovered that just going that “extra mile” can help me keep a client coming back for more. You don’t have to be a writer to go the extra mile, any freelancer can do this. So what do I do? I may be contracted to write a blog post, or web content. The person buys the written work and they really don’t expect … Read more

The R.O.A.R. Freelancer

What is R.O.A.R.? I have discovered there are many so called freelancers that are giving the freelance business a bad name. Some work for peanuts which gives clients the impression that we are all cheap labor. Some do not meet deadlines which can really piss off clients. Some perform terrible work that makes clients nervous about contracting any other freelancers. I could find other negatives, but this post was not … Read more

When Should You Go Full Time As A Freelancer?

Is it time to quit and go full time as a freelancer? I am stepping into a loaded question here. Without knowing a person’s circumstances, I just cannot tell if it would be the correct move for anyone. I will provide you with my experience, and I will tell you my opinions. Does a person dare go full time as a freelancer? My Story Without delving into my whole life, … Read more

This Freelancer’s Typical Day of Work

all work

Freelancers Work Hard There was a day when I worked in a factory and I found time to fish and relax. I must say that as a home-based freelancer, I really have not found the time to fish, and relaxation seems non-existent in most cases. But, I love freelancing. This post is about this freelancer’s typical day of work.   The alarm It didn’t matter what time I finished writing … Read more

The Benefits Of Networking For Freelancers

freelance networking

Networking Is Wise There are many forms of networking. A person can attend trade shows, flea markets, and other events. You can also join online forums, social sites and other areas where you can meet like-minded people. The benefits of networking are numerous for freelancers, and they are also large for those who outsource to freelancers. In this article, we are going to look at some of the primary benefits … Read more

Count Your Freelance Blessings

counting blessings

Good Friday It is Good Friday with Sunday being Easter. It is a time that all mankind should count their blessings. I am counting my freelance blessings. For many years, I worked manual labor. I sweated, hurt body parts, and wondered why my paycheck was so small. Yes, I am truly blessed that I received the talent of writing so I can freelance. How about you? Are you blessed? Feel … Read more

Wise Freelance Business Practices

Having a successful freelance business can be realized if a person follows some simple guidelines. There are many freelance “pretenders” in the world. To have that success you desire, it is wise to follow these freelance business practices: Having faith in your talents and abilities Just knowing that you have the ability and the talent to complete the jobs you bid on is the first step in success. If you … Read more

Freelancers Hire Freelancers

help wanted

It is true! The title of this article may seem like an oxymoron, but it is a true statement. The majority of the freelancing jobs I have received have been from other freelancers. Consider some of these reviews, and then I will explain about the client. Leave 60 Comments on My Military Blog “Fun and easy to work with. ”— chuckholmes Chuck is a freelancer who was a commander in … Read more

The 2012 Freelance Report

Freelance Report The 2012 Freelance Industry Report has some great information. Yes, I know it is 3 years old, but if you have not read through this report, you really should. I am putting a link here so you can download it. Freelance+Industry+Report+2012+updated This report can provide you loads of information on the way freelancing is becoming a normal standard around the world. It is from this report that I … Read more

Branding And Marketing Your Freelance Business

Marketing and branding

Freelancing is a business. The way that any business builds success is through branding and marketing. No matter what your freelancing specialty is, you must create a “brand.” When people hear your business name or your tagline, they will automatically know what you specialize in. It also could be evident in your logo. Here are some great examples of branded freelancers: Copywriter     Web Development   Photographer     … Read more

They Are Famous Now, But They Were Once Freelancers

  Is there this thought that freelancing will get you nowhere? Does it seem like a system where you are continuously providing others with great material that you should have your name on? Don’t feel like a lone soldier…Many of us who freelance feel the same way. To help your spirits, I have decided to provide you with several individuals you are most likely familiar with who at one time … Read more

Freelancing Pros & Cons

advantages and disadvantages

Good and Bad Like any job or business, freelancing has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, good and bad; whatever you may want to call it. If you are considering a freelance business, it would be wise to consider all the pros and cons. Is it worth it? Will you be able to hold up when times are difficult? This article will give some of the pros and cons. … Read more

Ask Questions


When I hear anyone say: “That was a stupid question,” I want to scream. After all, questions are meant to be asked. I was taught as a young man that the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked. This post is for both freelancers and potential clients. Ask Questions! Client: You can find out much more about the potential freelancer if you ask questions. Yes, they may have … Read more

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