How Manual Labor Can Help You

manual labor

Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you freelance? I do. Sometimes it seems that my mind goes blank, and I just cannot write properly. Sometimes it seems clients want $500 worth of work for $20. What do you do when your freelance business seems to be running like this? Manual Labor Can Help You Just this morning, I found myself somewhat frustrated with my freelance business. … Read more

This Freelancer’s Typical Day of Work

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Freelancers Work Hard There was a day when I worked in a factory and I found time to fish and relax. I must say that as a home-based freelancer, I really have not found the time to fish, and relaxation seems non-existent in most cases. But, I love freelancing. This post is about this freelancer’s typical day of work.   The alarm It didn’t matter what time I finished writing … Read more

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