10 Tips to Have A Profitable Freelancer Mindset


When you’re a Freelancer, you need many a skill, and one of the most important tools we can arm ourselves with is the right mindset. Mindset consists of many points of interest, and if understood and carried out, a freelancer can create a plethora of profitable habits that will lead to excellence and two big, wonderful words … More income. So, without further ado, here are 10 Tips to have … Read more

Procrastination: The Freelancer’s Greatest Enemy


I once heard the quote, “Tomorrow never comes.” Procrastination counts on tomorrow, and this is why it is the freelancer’s greatest enemy. In all honesty, I believe every single human has some moments of procrastinating, but there are some people who live in a procrastination jungle at all times. Do You Suffer From Procrastination? I do at times…especially when I am doing work that is monotonous or I just do … Read more

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