I AM a Freelancer!


Freelancer does not equal freeloader I have noticed a common denominator when freelancers are asked what they do for a living. Many skirt the question as if there is a bad stigma related with freelancing. Personally, I am proud I am a freelancer. Not just anyone can be a freelancer, and it is harder work than people can imagine. Here it is Sunday, and while others are out playing, I … Read more

Tasks Your Business Should Outsource

Wise Business Outsourcing With the level of today’s technology, it just makes good sense that a business uses all the available resources in managing all the tasks that their business requires. There are certain tasks your business should outsource. In today’s blog post, we will examine the business tasks that outsourcing has become a common utilized resource. Website Design   Why would any business attempt to design a website when … Read more

Find A Freelancer

Outsourcers searching for freelancers The task of finding the proper freelancer for the job you have at hand can sometimes be daunting. Where do you look? How much do you offer? Will they do the job correctly? All of these questions, and many others can be answered if you search in the proper places. Just because a person claims they freelance in the niche you are seeking someone in doesn’t … Read more

Outsourcing…Agency Or A Freelancer?

Virtual Private Servers from $10 month Who Should You Use, Agency Or A Freelancer? Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you have probably discovered that it can be more cost effective to outsource many of the jobs that are needed to have operations run smoothly. Now the question is: do you use an agency or a freelancer? Yes, I may be just a bit bias since … Read more

Why Outsourcing Is Good For Your Business: The Benefits

Outsourcing creates larger profits As I have stated before, this blog is for freelancers and those who contract freelancers. Today’s post is going to go out to all those business people who are debating on whether to have your work performed in-house or outsource it. I am going to explain the benefits of outsourcing the responsibilities and duties that your business needs to succeed. Take a look at these benefits … Read more

Questions You Should Ask A Freelancer Before Contracting Them

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Questions outsourcers should ask freelancers There are good freelancers and there are bad freelancers. There are terrible freelancers and there are exceptional freelancers. As an outsourcer, I am sure that you do not want the bad, or the terrible freelancers. I will sya that the first step in attaining a good freelancer is to offer a pay rate that is within industry standards. I have had people come to me … Read more

It’s Becoming A Freelance World

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The World Has Changed When we look at America alone, the number of freelancers has become a staggering figure. Recently, Freelancers Union in partnership with Elance/ODesk commissioned the independent research firm of Edelman Berland to find out the percentages of freelancers. Over 53 million Americans are freelancing. That equates to approximately 34% of the workforce. The numbers are bound to keep growing too. Why? Businesses have discovered that it can … Read more

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