This Past Year of Freelancing

Happy New Year! It has been a bit since I have posted here at Lancer Life. I apologize, but I have found myself swamped with freelancing work. After all, that is my full time job, so that is what I desire. It is much better to have too much work than not enough. I hope that as freelancers, you are having similar results. In this post, I just want to … Read more

Guest Posting Can Help Your Freelance Career

design templates Guest Posting Can Help There are many websites and blogs who are always searching for guest bloggers. Many of these pay, plus you keep the copyright and you are listed as the author. This is a great way to raise you reputation as a freelance writer. I have been performing some guest posts on high authority blogs and websites, and I bet you can too. I am going … Read more

Online Writing & Designing

When writing or designing online material, there are some important factors we need to consider. I recently came across an excellent infographic at about online writing and designing. Understanding how humans react at websites can help us design and write in such a way that it will keep them interested. Here is that infographic: ++ Click Image to Enlarge ++ Source: What Makes Someone Leave A Website? Great information! … Read more

Great Freelancers Go The Extra Mile

Simply Sharing As a freelance writer, I have discovered that just going that “extra mile” can help me keep a client coming back for more. You don’t have to be a writer to go the extra mile, any freelancer can do this. So what do I do? I may be contracted to write a blog post, or web content. The person buys the written work and they really don’t expect … Read more

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