The First Year of Freelancing

freelancing first year

Freelancing Year 1 I will not forget my first year of freelancing. At times I thought I may starve. I was taking jobs far below the going rate for the quality of writing I was providing. I learned some important lessons through that first year of freelancing. I am writing this article to help first year freelancers not face the same issues I did. Don’t quit your day job Personally, … Read more

The Qualities Of The Best Freelancers

Quality Freelancers Have These Qualities This post is geared toward both freelancers and clients who are searching for freelancers. There is a common denominator between all excellent freelancers. That is the qualities they have. If you are a freelancer, these are qualities you need, and if you are a potential client, these are qualities you should be searching for in freelancers. Time Management This is a huge factor in whether … Read more

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