No Call, No Show and I Still Have a Job

Caribbean ocean in Puerto Rico

I took 2 days off with no call, and still have a job No I didn’t use vacation days and I had no sick days. I was a no call, and I just took 2 days off in a row. Is my boss angry? Nope, he is actually happy that I did. Ahhh…the life of a freelancer! Memories I remember back when I worked in factories. I dreaded even considering … Read more

How Manual Labor Can Help You

manual labor

Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you freelance? I do. Sometimes it seems that my mind goes blank, and I just cannot write properly. Sometimes it seems clients want $500 worth of work for $20. What do you do when your freelance business seems to be running like this? Manual Labor Can Help You Just this morning, I found myself somewhat frustrated with my freelance business. … Read more

Read Our Book Kayro’s Key For Free

Kayro’s Key For a very short time, we are allowing people the opportunity to read Kayro’s Key for free. I will provide the link to get this fantastic deal down the page further. This is the synopsis of Kayro’s Key: The year is 2080 and island of Puerto Rico and the whole world have reached a point of near extinction for all living things. Kayro is the last surviving golden … Read more

When Should You Go Full Time As A Freelancer?

Is it time to quit and go full time as a freelancer? I am stepping into a loaded question here. Without knowing a person’s circumstances, I just cannot tell if it would be the correct move for anyone. I will provide you with my experience, and I will tell you my opinions. Does a person dare go full time as a freelancer? My Story Without delving into my whole life, … Read more

Translators Needed-Freelance Jobs

Language Experts Needed Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer. Maybe photography isn’t your cup of tea. You long to freelance, but where do you fit in? Maybe being a translator is the answer. Do you know another language? As a freelance writer that lives in Puerto Rico, I get asked to do translation often. It just seems that many think that because I live here, I know Spanish. The … Read more

Now In Audio

Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory, and Honor: Fighting to Defend a Nation Not Completely Their Own Has received a great response worldwide! Since there are many who like to hear instead of read, we decided to go audible with this book…IT IS COMPLETE! I contracted an actor who had the perfect voice to narrate this book that honors the Puerto Ricans who have served in the United States Military. … Read more

Count Your Freelance Blessings

counting blessings

Good Friday It is Good Friday with Sunday being Easter. It is a time that all mankind should count their blessings. I am counting my freelance blessings. For many years, I worked manual labor. I sweated, hurt body parts, and wondered why my paycheck was so small. Yes, I am truly blessed that I received the talent of writing so I can freelance. How about you? Are you blessed? Feel … Read more

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