The First Year of Freelancing

freelancing first year

Freelancing Year 1 I will not forget my first year of freelancing. At times I thought I may starve. I was taking jobs far below the going rate for the quality of writing I was providing. I learned some important lessons through that first year of freelancing. I am writing this article to help first year freelancers not face the same issues I did. Don’t quit your day job Personally, … Read more

How To Keep Working Consistently: Bidding


Keep Bidding I often hear freelancers saying they have difficulty staying busy. There could be several factors that cause this: You are over charging. If your prices are outrageous, many will find someone who fits their budget. You are under charging. When I started freelancing, my prices were lower than my competitors. I wasn’t getting hired, and I noticed clients were paying higher rates. Many clients assume that if your … Read more

Freelance Writers: What To Do When Jobs Are Complete

?? What To Do ?? If you are a wise freelance writer, you plan out your day. So what happens when you either get your work done quicker than expected, or the clients are not ordering. What do you do? You still want to make money, but there seems to be no work. Hold on!! There are some places you can go to still make some extra money. Have you … Read more

Reasons You May Want To Keep Your Job And Not Freelance

esProc Server Should you keep your job? Let’s face it, freelancing isn’t for everyone or everybody would be freelancing. You may think you have what it takes, and I suggest that you sign up for the free e-book I offer if you do think you have the abilities to become a freelancer. I try to always keep things on a positive level, but I did feel I should point out … Read more

The R.O.A.R. Freelancer

What is R.O.A.R.? I have discovered there are many so called freelancers that are giving the freelance business a bad name. Some work for peanuts which gives clients the impression that we are all cheap labor. Some do not meet deadlines which can really piss off clients. Some perform terrible work that makes clients nervous about contracting any other freelancers. I could find other negatives, but this post was not … Read more

Multi-Tasking Is Ineffective For Freelancers

Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work As freelancers, we often find ourselves with a variety of jobs. It can be tempting to perform multi-tasking. I have been guilty of this. I have multiple tabs open and I am working on different jobs at the same time. Does it work? No. I realized this very quickly when a client asked me why on the content I was writing about insurance is there a paragraph … Read more

The Qualities Of The Best Freelancers

Quality Freelancers Have These Qualities This post is geared toward both freelancers and clients who are searching for freelancers. There is a common denominator between all excellent freelancers. That is the qualities they have. If you are a freelancer, these are qualities you need, and if you are a potential client, these are qualities you should be searching for in freelancers. Time Management This is a huge factor in whether … Read more

Stop Wasting Time

Stop It! I know it has been one of my biggest issues since I started freelancing full time. I believe time management is a huge issue with the many people who work at home on their computers. While there are responsibilities around the house, things like chatting on Facebook, opening the email every 5 minutes, and Tweeting about anything is taking your time, and we all should know by now, … Read more

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