The Rules Of Freelancing… Written and Unwritten

freelance rules

I have always been the guy that loved breaking rules… Just ask past classmates, friends, police that knew me and oh yea, the prison guards. The first to smoke a cigarette in the new school Drinking vodka in science class Painting a swastika on the sheriff’s windshield And having a buddy throw a tennis ball full of marijuana over the prison fence Breaking rules had its share of fun and … Read more

Writing Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

break rules

Those darn English writing rules I must admit that school was a period of time when I created havoc. I hated math, so I often “ditched” that class to cause trouble such as smoking cigarettes, maybe some pot or even worse, flushing an M-80 down the school toilet blowing the pipes and forcing a school wide evacuation. Wow, I hope that admitting that now, so many years later, doesn’t come … Read more

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