I Love Having Many Tasks

multiple tasks

Staying Busy Some time back I wrote a post explaining how multi tasking is non-productive. I still agree with that, but do to the fact that many misunderstand, I need to delve much deeper. Right now, I have several tasks going on. No, I am not multi tasking. I am working on each one separate. I am installing comments on a blog about multi level marketing. I am writing a … Read more

Tasks Your Business Should Outsource

Wise Business Outsourcing With the level of today’s technology, it just makes good sense that a business uses all the available resources in managing all the tasks that their business requires. There are certain tasks your business should outsource. In today’s blog post, we will examine the business tasks that outsourcing has become a common utilized resource. Website Design   Why would any business attempt to design a website when … Read more

Multiple Income Streams

“Profitable – By Design!” Ebook Create Income Streams Many years ago, my Grandfather stressed to me that I should never “put all my eggs in one basket.” As a farmer in Eastern Iowa, he had learned that having multiple streams of income were the only way to have success in life. He grew corn, baled hay and straw, raised chickens to sell eggs and for the meat, raised cows, along … Read more

Reviewing Interact Media:Known As Zerys

Interact Media Interact Media, or Zerys is a website that businesses can order articles through. I have been writing for Zerys for about 3 years and overall, I have been happy. A business or individual will ask for an article of a certain length and you can grab it. The business often asks for certain keywords or phrases to be installed in prime locations for SEO reasons. When you submit … Read more

Primary Topics For Freelance Writers

Certificate in Starting Your Own Business Topics That Many Hire Freelancers For I have been freelance writing for some time now. I have found that the people who are outsourcing to freelancers are searching for certain subject matter in many cases. If you are a new freelancer, or even if you have been freelance writing for some time, these are subjects you may want to research as they are top … Read more

This Freelancer’s Typical Day of Work

all work

Freelancers Work Hard There was a day when I worked in a factory and I found time to fish and relax. I must say that as a home-based freelancer, I really have not found the time to fish, and relaxation seems non-existent in most cases. But, I love freelancing. This post is about this freelancer’s typical day of work.   The alarm It didn’t matter what time I finished writing … Read more

Count Your Freelance Blessings

counting blessings

Good Friday It is Good Friday with Sunday being Easter. It is a time that all mankind should count their blessings. I am counting my freelance blessings. For many years, I worked manual labor. I sweated, hurt body parts, and wondered why my paycheck was so small. Yes, I am truly blessed that I received the talent of writing so I can freelance. How about you? Are you blessed? Feel … Read more

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