Your Personal Freelancer Consultation

So, you are a freelancer? How is the freelancing life going for you? Are you eating steak or cheap burritos? Do you believe you are getting the most out of your freelance career? Maybe you need a freelancer consultation.

The fact is: we can always do better. I can help you have a better freelancing career.

I will tell you that I am always trying to better my freelance career, but I am having success. I stay consistently busy, and I do not have any issues with clients being unhappy, and they pay on time.

So are you staying busy day by day with your freelance career? Are you making the money you are worth?

Someone once told me that all you need is a person looking from the outside-in to discover the “little” problems that are keeping you from reaching the top of the mountain.

I Can, And Will Help You Climb The Freelance Mountain

And Stay At The Top!

So how can I help?

I will provide that personal freelancer consultation you need. I will take a look at the whole picture:

  • Your location

  • Your primary language & secondary languages

  • Your education

  • Your age

  • Your freelance experience

  • Your freelance niche

  • Your portfolio

  • Your resume

  • What you are charging

  • The time you take to complete freelance jobs

I will then issue you an in-depth freelancer consultation. I will provide several contacts in your area to submit your portfolio and resume. I will explain to you if your pricing is within the proper realm. I will look at your portfolio & resume and tell you if they need work.

While I cannot guarantee success, because the “ball will be in your court,” I will guarantee that if you follow the plan of action I provide, you will climb the freelance mountain.

What’s more, I will be at your beckoning. As your personal freelancer consultant, you may run into questions after you receive my results. I will not leave you stranded on freelance mountain. A simple yell, and I will answer with a plan.

So you are probably wondering what the cost is… Let me first tell you that the majority of consultants charge upwards of $200 per hour. I know that the research and work that I will put into your consultation will take me more than 1 hour, 2 hours, and probably even 3 hours. So will I charge $600?

I probably could, but I am not in it for the money completely. Yes, I do have to make something for the time I take, but I want to help freelancers, because other freelancers helped me when I was starting. So do you think I will charge ½ of that? No! I said I wanted to help you:

So…. All I’m Going To Charge You for a Personal Freelance Consultation is


So just consider what all you will be getting with this Personal Freelancer Consultation:

  • I will examine your freelance niche and explain what I see to be areas you can improve upon

  • I will also tell you if you are charging too little, or too much.

  • I will find individuals and businesses within your area that you should contact with a presentation.

  • I will review your portfolio and give my opinions on ways you can make it better

  • I will review your resume and tell you how to make it better.

  • I will be a contact for your questions

  • And, I will tell you any other hints, tips and tricks that can help you reach the top of Freelance Mountain.

So, here is what you need to do

Simply click the buy now and fill out the form. Be concise on the form and know that I will probably contact you for even more information.

In under 1 month, I will send you a detailed document that explains everything I said above.

And know: I will still be available to help in your climb.


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